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Sexual violence prevention advocates, we need your help.

We are just days away from launching the Predator Alert Tool for Facebook, a powerful tool that helps survivors of sexual violence connect with other survivors and share information about their experience with friends. We want to get this tool into the hands of people who need it ASAP. We need your help to connect. […]

OkCupid is a company; “they don’t give a fuck about you.”

thethirddecade1121: rowanazra: if you use okcupid there’s a new browser extension to keep the creeps away! it’s amazing and you should download it you should really reblog and share this it could actually save lives THIS IS SO USEFUL! Saves you the time of going through all the questions. I am happy okcupid throws in […]

Predator Alert Tool for OkCupid flags profiles of people who have confessed to rape

I sent this email to a lot of people recently: TL;DR: A new browser add-on automatically flags OkCupid users who have confessed to rape. It was developed by maymay, who wrote a similar tool for the dating website (FAADE) mentioned in The New York Observer.[0] DID YOU KNOW that if you ask […]

Last October, I introduced the FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE)…

(Note: This post is a republication of my original post from January, 2013.) Last October, I introduced the FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE) at the 2012 Transcending Boundaries Conference. In the final session of the conference, I facilitated a community forum about the tool and the issues it addresses more generally. Watch the entire […]

How to use the FetLife to WordPress exporter/converter (video)

Ready to ditch FetLife? Tools to make the transition easier.

All right folks. FetLife’s founder, John Baku, unleashed a wave of pedophilic comments on an unsuspecting 9 year old boy. (Disgusting.) FetLife’s new community manager, Susan Wright, is telling a woman targeted by a convicted murderer that the other FetLife users who are sending her personally identifiable details to this felon are not in violation […]

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