The FetLife Text Search user script allows you to perform full-text searches for an arbitrary keyword, phrase, or user nickname across all discussions in a FetLife Group. This user script implements a client-side version of the following FetLife improvement suggestion:

be able to search a forum or (possibly all forums) by username

to retrieve thier posts. Frequently I can remember an awesome thing I read and who posted it, but cannot remember in what forum or thread. Unless it is a recent thing that I can find easily on their profile page, the wisdom is lost to me.
And on rare occassion I actually post something worth reading and hate it when I cant remember where or when I did so!

With the FetLife Text Search user script installed, a few clicks will save hours of time. Now you can find comments on threads even after they’re deeply buried that match your search keywords in a matter of seconds. The script returns results in context, and you can click on the search result to go directly to the comment in the original thread.

System requirements

The following software must be installed on your system before installing the FetLife Text Search user script.

Mozilla Firefox

If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser (version 12.0 or higher), ensure you have the Greasemonkey extension installed (at version 1.0 or higher).

Google Chrome

If you use the Google Chrome web browser (version 23 or higher), ensure you have the Tampermonkey extension installed.


To install FetLife Text Search, go to and click the “Download and install” near the middle of the page:

Download and install FetLife Text Search

If you enjoy this script, please consider tossing a few metaphorical coins in my cyberbusking hat. :) Your donations are sincerely appreciated! Can’t afford to part with any coin? It’s cool. Tweet your appreciation, instead.

If is censored where you are, you can alternatively go to the page for FetLife Text Search and click on “Install“. If the script is also unavailable at, you can download and install it directly from


To use FetLife Text Search, log in to your account and click the “Search GROUP” tab in the tabbed navigation bar of the group you’re viewing, as shown below:

Screenshot of FetLife Text Search tab in FetLife Announcements group.

You will be presented with a text field that allow you to define your search keywords. Enter your desired search criteria, as shown.

Screenshot of search field for FetLife Text Search.

Once you’ve entered your search terms, click the “Search all discussions” button to search every discussion thread in the current group for a match.

Once a matching post or comment is found, it will appear as a clickable link, as shown below:

Screenshot of FetLife Text Search returning a search result.

To start a new search, simply reload the page.

Change log

  • Version 0.1.1:
    ** Added support for Google Chrome with the Tampermonkey extension installed.
  • Version 0.1:
    ** Initial release.