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“Allyship” is full of corrupt gatekeepers, technological and otherwise

Do NOT read this incisive ‘zine if you need your “I’m a good ally” bubble to feel good about yourself: The ally industrial complex has been established by activists whose careers depend on the “issues” they work to address. These nonprofit capitalists advance their careers off  the struggles they ostensibly support. They often work in […]

Wherein MRAs and Feminists both agree that legalistic status quo on “consent” must not be challenged.

I trolled one of the largest subreddits where “men’s rights activists” hang out by posting a link to my “Consent can be withdrawn” social experiment post. The result was better than I anticipated. They upvoted my post, realized they got trolled, and then tried insulting me by pointing out how bad of an MRA I am. […]

No good excuse for not building sexual violence prevention tools into every social network on the Internet

Wednesday Wanderings: Stupid People See Sex as Shame and Stigma

Look, sex is political. I’m really, really sorry about that because the people who that fact hurts the most are the people who aren’t empowered to live or fuck the way they want, but it is. And with this week’s midterm election just past, here’s a couple of links driving that point home that caught […]

I’m not out just for me, I’m also out for you.

A couple months ago, a short guide to blogging about BDSM “safely” was published by an anonymous blogger. The main point she made was that, “With all the myths about BDSM out there, being involved in this lifestyle could get you fired or disinherited or make you lose custody of your children,” and so BDSM […]

On Transparency in Activism: Why Being Anti-Craigslist is Anti-Justice

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