Lately I’ve been writing a ton…of porn! Whether it’s called pornography or erotic art, or whatever, I love erotic works of any kind. And I’m a die-hard creationist. If I see something that’s interesting or exciting, I often want to make something similar and have it be at least as interesting and exciting. So, I’ve been writing a lot about sex lately.

Now of course, I’ve been “writing” about this and other stuff since I was a young boy, but there’s a distinction to be made between writing and journaling. Even though I have no trouble having fantasies or using my imagination to come up with ideas, it’s very hard for me to write about things that aren’t entirely factual. This is why I end up doing a lot of technical writing and why I end up reading so many technical manuals.

I used to write creatively more often than I do now, which is a shame. I had so much fun. Seeing others around me get into creative writing (practically all my friends are freakin’ English lit majors) has finally rekindled that spark inside of me. So what did I do? I went an applied for an author account at the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository. Oh, yeah, and I wrote a couple of porn short stories, too. I’m not sure I want to post them here, though, so we’ll see if the author account goes through and I’ll link there if it does.

For posterity, here’s what I wrote as comments on my application to the ASSTR admins:

I’ve been writing erotica for many years in an on-again-off-again sort of fashion but absolutely always enjoy it beyond most other forms of solo sexual pleasure. Perhaps this is because what I write always seems to be a mix between fantasy and reality, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about finding the most effective way to put words one after another such that your meaning is clear–and arousing.

I’ve never “applied” for an account to post my stories before because I never felt like sharing them publicly, usually out of embarassment that they are no good. However, I’ve been writing both anonymously and non-anonymously on the Internet (blogging, if you will) for about a decade now, ever since I was a preteen and well before it was “cool” to do so.

This is kind of a new experience, and one that I have followed through on because I want now to share my writings with “the public.” I’m eager to see what will come of it.