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Whips and chains may break my bones but words will always hurt more

Oh, the wonderful intricacies of idioms and toying with them through language. Such cryptography can only succumb to cryptanalysis that accounts for the relevant factors of today. (Apologies to those readers who aren’t actually a part of my non-cyber life.) In such cases, a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture of me, above, […]

On the wonderfulness of thongs and chastity devices

Okay, so here’s a funny subject I’ve been trying to experiment with a little lately. This past week I’ve been locked up in the CB-3000 at my girlfriend’s command. The last time I had been locked up wasn’t for a good many months ago. (I have it recorded on my personal kink calendar, but without […]

Marching on: Wednesday Wanderings

I’ve been a bad boy. It’s nearly Thursday and I’ve yet to get to my Wednesday Wanderings posting this week. I don’t think I really have the readership who cares, but I’ve not been very good about posting lately and I certainly want to write about the events of the weekend and this past week. […]

Is submissive intent influenced by orgasms?

Picture part of Femdom Draw‘s preview collection. Surfing around again tonight, I found a very interesting post by Saratoga discussing chastity versus draining (“milking”) a male submissive before play time. He describes the basic thrust of the concept like this: The point is to make his ejaculatory moment as meaningless, humbling and unremarkable as possible. […]

Thoughts and fantasies on guided masturbation

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight for the obvious reasons such as the fact that my life is beginning to turn topsy turvy again, but I’m also spending quite a bit of time exploring new sites and thanks to their content, naturally, masturbating quite a bit. In fact, even though I’m not really masturbating to any […]

Wednesday Wanderings for March 21st

Time again for another Wednesday Wandering list o’ linkage. This time, I wanted to find some quality submissive’s content. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just the law of statistics, but there seems to be relatively fewer actually good quality submissive men’s writings than there are dominant women’s writings. Anyway, while not entirely sub-male-produced, […]

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