Recently, several of my favorite BDSM bloggers have chimed in on their mutual frustrations with the state of male chastity devices being sold today. For instance, Ms. Alice writes about her experience trying to get a male chastity device that works. Ms. Claudia echoes the sentiment as well. I have to agree; it is a frustrating state of affairs, that’s for sure, that an effective male chastity device is so hard to find. No single device is good for everyone and the state of the art is downright medieval.

Until such a time as a truly effective male chastity device can be created, I think it’s necessary that orgasm denial be partly a matter of trust and strength in the relationship. My girlfriend and I have had similar frustrations with devices, but also are very keen on the notion that my denial is by her will alone. Frankly, sometimes it’s a lot harder for me that way because even though I desperately want to get release, I don’t give it to myself even though I can. The temptation can be maddening sometimes.

That said, there is a place dear to my heart for enforced orgasm denial, to the point where my will truly breaks and I do whatever I can to get relief physically. With the CB-3000 we have now, that fantasy is still just a fantasy because I can achieve a sort of orgasm while still locked inside it, though admittedly not one that is really satisfying at all.

Still, there is no denying the logic that chastity devices are intended (as far as most people are concerned) to effectively hand over 100% of the control to the keyholder. Putting the question of whether a physical device will ever be able to be that effetive aside, the percentage we’re looking at now won’t get near 100% unless the state of the art improves.

I wonder, then, if perhaps the next generation of chastity devices won’t be physical contraptions at all, but rather a drug. Or maybe even a nasal spray? Just imagine the possibilities. ;)