One of the better, more explanatory articles on male milking through prostate massage brings up the point that a man’s body is a learning machine:

Finally, there is a process called homeostasis, which essentially is just a way of saying the body tries to maintain all functions and processes in a balanced manner. Over time the body “learns” after repeated edgings without orgasm, that there will be no expelling of ejaculate, and consequently produces less. Taking a break from these orgasm denial activities from time to time, can “reset” the body’s mechanisms. In turn, this makes the next round almost as exciting and challenging as when first started.

I’ve never experimented too much with this, but I suspect this to be true from my own experiences. It is much, much more difficult for me to remain voluntarily chaste if I have recently had a good orgasm. It’s almost as if the orgasm itself is the thing making me horny (after a refractory period, of course).

This can be fun to toy with. Cybersave over on occasionally has an interesting arrangement with his wife where he is required to masturbate daily, sometimes to full orgasm and sometimes without an orgasm. (The result, he calls them, are “minigasms,” though they’re more widely known as “abandoned orgasms.”) Richard also posted about a woman who was requiring daily orgasms from her boy. The point of it all is to keep the body off balance, playing with the body’s process of homeostasis, so that once you get the boy’s body used to its frequent orgasms you suddenly take all those away and leave only the teasing. In effect, conditioning the body to prepare for an orgasm that won’t happen. (This is, in many ways, similar to the countdown control where a man is trained to orgasm at the end of a countdown.)

Supposedly, that will be very hard to get readjusted to, and I don’t doubt it considering I’m primed and ready after a single cum more often than not. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been having more than a one or two orgasms a week on a regular basis, even though I used to have at least three or more a day before my girlfriend and I began exploring this form of D/s dynamic and orgasm denial, so this is something that’s intriguing and may be worth experimenting with more thoroughly.