I don’t really think this will happen any time soon, but as is the case with most of my writing, it tends to come out in spurts. (Hmm, freudian spill, there?) ;) Anyway, to help prevent this from dying down, and because it’s just plain fun, I’m instituting a “Wednesday Wanderings” content category for my blog, which will basically be a short list of links about some topic with a short blurb about what I think about what I’ve found there.

Several good things can come of this. First, it will keep me trying to find good stuff out there. I don’t want to link to uninteresting or redundant things. Second, it will keep me reading about things I have not read about before. This is more than just fun for the sake of variety–although that’s a major benefit right there–but it’s also an important ingrediant for learning. Third, it’ll provide a nice way for me to say thank you to others who have put the time and energy into making something worth consuming. (Damn freudian slips.)

That said, a few caveats are in order. There’s a ton of reading material out there, and there are only 24 hours in the day. Most of these hours I have to spend doing things other than reading about BDSM, which is indeed unfortunate but true. As a result, I may not actually read every last word of every last page I link to. It just isn’t feasible. Second, I’m not actually endorsing anything I link to, I’m just linking to it because for one reason or another, I found it cool.

(As a side note, Goddess Alexandra posted a very touching entry regarding the expectation or idea that D/s is a full-time thing. Or rather, that it doesn’t have to be. It’s another great example of trying the shoe on for size and only buying it if it fits. I think you should read it.)

Finally, the obvious question: “Don’t you link to tons of stuff in normal posts anyway?” Yes, it’s true that I do this all the time anyway, but I think having some kind of publication schedule will help me keep this site active as well as maintain my interest in all these other areas. Besides, sometimes a list format is just easier to speed-read through than a blog post.

So without further ado, the first Wednesday Wandering list is below:

  • Making Him Your Dream Man: Male Chastity FAQ – I’m sure it’s no surprise that male orgasm denial is on the first Wednesday Wandering list. This 8-step guide to male chastity is illustrated with cartoons in the style of Jan Thor’s Chastity Belt Page and I found them to be a lot of fun.

    The steps themselves are short, simple explanations and written with a wonderful conversational tone. There’s nothing in-depth here, but it’s a fun read and is a great, gentle introduction to male chastity for women (aka, The Vanila Domme) who may not understand why they might be interested.

  • Maria’s Diary – The author of this site (Maria, if you haven’t guessed), bills it as the “thoughts and experiences of a dominant wife,” and that’s a great synopsis. What sort of experiences does this dominant wife have, however? Well, lots! And not just with her husband.

    Maria cuckolds her husband Martin, and they both get off on it quite a bit. What I loved about the few diary entries I’ve read here is that she doesn’t focus on just one aspect of her play or relationship, but actually tells the full story of each experience from background to actual experience all the way through reflection. She even writes about the conversations she has with husband about the cuckoldry itself. Maria writes a lot, she writes expressively, and there are even pictures! I’ve already bookmarked her diary and printed out the first article so I can read it on the train today.

    Unfortuantely she has decided not to write more in her diary, and from what I gathered it seemed to be the result of too much less-than-positive attention. Nevertheless, the archives are fantastic and I encourage you to read them if cuckoldry and female dominance have any interest to you at all.

  • Lady Julia’s Entranced Realm – One of my favorite Femdom bloggers, Julia’s site is full of wonderful accounts of her experiences on her blog and throughout the rest of her site that are told in one of the kindest, most personable ways I’ve seen. She is engaging, intelligent and opinionated, but best of all open to debate and discussion, so if you read her posts don’t hesitate to comment on them!

    Additionally, and this is why she’s making my list today, she has a wealth of information on the topic of erotic hypnosis (her hypnosis articles are not to be missed) which has just recently become a new fascination for me. I’ve already found some eye-opening stuff by perusing these articles and you can rest assured I’ll certainly be reading the remainder of them.

Okay, so that’s my Wednesday Wandering list for the first week of March 2007. Not many, but as we all damn well know, the point is quality, not quantity, right? ;)

Happy clicking. And remember: not all who wander are lost!