The wonderfully expressive Bitchy Jones has a fantastic post about professional female dominants (i.e., a pro-domme, a dominatrix, etc.), in which she says:

It makes me sad that the only dom women you ever see in the media are professional doms. The shelves in the erotica section of my local Borders are thick with the memoirs of prodom women, but no memoirs of anyone like me. And no matter how much these women with the memoirs out love it they *are* getting paid. And that’s just different to doing something for love. It just is.

Frankly, I agree completely. As a male submissive who has been fortunate enough to get the chance to enjoy scenes with pro-dommes, I viscerally dislike the whole industry built around this aspect of BDSM. It’s just not real, and that tarnishes everything about the experience for me. Most of the times I’ve interacted with pro-dommes they didn’t know the first thing about how to react to me. She (as a general plural “they”) would go into her whole “I’m a beautiful domme and you want to give me things” routine andd I just shake my head at her. It’s annoying and it’s not sexy. Oh, and it’s pretentious, too.

Furthermore, I can’t feel submissive to someone like that because I feel embarassed for them. Eileen made the good point during a recent conversation about being a professional dominatrix that she would probably find the experience humiliating. Doingg anything just because you need the money, even if you don’t really mind “that much” that you’re doing it and even if you can genuinely have a good time, is still humiliating.

And it’s submissive, at least to the situation if not directly to the client. But then again it is, because most Pro-Dommes work hard for really great tips and there’s no way in my mind that that instinct is not utterly submissive. As a male client, I know that I have at least some level of control over the so-called female dominant’s motivation in a way that I just don’t have when money’s not involved. On the flip side, however, it is (or at least it certainly should be) within the pro-domme’s power and right to say that she will never want to scene with me again, and it’s not as if there isn’t an ocean full of other fish she can fry.

The other interesting thing I have noticed from my (admittedly one-sided but still rather vast) experience in the Pro-Domme scene is that an overwhelming majority of professional domintracies (dominatrixes?) are actually submissive (or at least switches) in their personal lives if they’re even “into this stuff” in their personal lives at all. There’s nothing wrong with being a submissive or with being a switch, but the very fact that this is such a hidden thing makes those who hide it completely unattractive to me as tops. It comes back to the fact that they are doing this not for me or with me, but for my money, alone.

Sure, there are exceptions (see previous link to enjoyable scenes with pro-dommes), but these are certainly not the typical experience. One would think, then, that there is a huge business opportunity for a “real” pro-domme, one who “gets it” and for whom BDSM truly is a “natural” thing and not just a “job.” The money is a lure that is hard to resist. But wouldn’t that change things? And of course, how can I reallly judge so harshly without having walked a mile in those high-heeled shoes, so to speak?