One of my Mistress’s most amazing techniques in teasing me is very simple, yet very effective: she just doesn’t touch me often. When she does, it is almost always very gentle caresses, feather-light kisses, slow licks. I always craved her touch, but rarely am I brought to such desperate desire than when she teases me with touches like these.

This past week was an intense string of anticipatory teases. Eileen even went so far as to whisper in my ear one night, “I have plans for you.” The execution of this plan was mind-bogglingly hot, but that’s a story I’ll tell another time. This time, I want to make the observation that saying that itself was incredibly hot, and the anticipation it creates is an incredibly powerful tool in a tease.

I can’t actually remember when the last time Eileen touched me in an traditionally and explicitly sexual way was. I’m sure she has not too long ago, but it’s been a while. Our sexual behavior would probably confuse a lot of people. In the past couple of weeks, the only times I can remember that she has touched me sexually was when she either kissed me, very lightly moved her fingers over my cock in passing, or pressed my perineum to get at my prostate. It drives me crazy whenever she does this.

This kind of touch-but-not-really tease has literally made my body shiver and shake regularly. For some reason, I also drip a lot more precum when she teases me like this than when I’m stroked firmly. I think a lot of this has to do with the anticipation of the feelings itself; the body produces precum in anticipation of stimulation that indicates ejaculation, so it seems to make sense that stretching out or focusing on the anticipation itself would cause me to drip more.

The anticipatory sensation is especially apparent when I compare masturbation by my own hand with hers. When what I’m feeling is my own hand, I know precisely what I’m going to do. When it’s her hand on me, I don’t know what she’ll do next and so I am primed for whatever it is without a pause. What’s interesting in that situation is that most people seem to feel that having someone else masturbate them is more pleasurable, or at least differently so, than doing it themselves. I wonder how much of that pleasurable sensation is due to the feelings of anticipation.

Anticipation is also very apparent as part of orgasm denial. One of the main “reasons” for delaying an orgasm is that the longer you wait, the better it feels when you finally come. While this is certainly true for the intensity of the orgasm in many circumstances, I am thinking that the waiting itself, the anticipation of the coming orgasm (rather than the intensity of the orgasm itself) is another piece to the puzzle. What this means is that there are two kinds of teases: teases that focus on the intensity of the (hopefully) upcoming orgasm, and teases that focus on continuing the moments of pleasure just before orgasm.