Time again for another Wednesday Wandering list o’ linkage. This time, I wanted to find some quality submissive’s content. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just the law of statistics, but there seems to be relatively fewer actually good quality submissive men’s writings than there are dominant women’s writings. Anyway, while not entirely sub-male-produced, here’s my list for this week:

  • Confessions of a Timid Boy – Timid Boy’s blog is his self-proclaimed “journey into subspace”. Surprisingly, since most of these sorts of things are pretty templatized (guilty as charged), Timid Boy’s site itself is very nicely designed. The very sexy photo at the top earns a lot of points here, as well. He writes a lot about his personal experiences with his orgasm denial at the hands of his Mistress, which, if you’re interested in that sort of thing from a sub male’s point of view, is a good read.
  • Human For Sale – While not really content, I thought this would be interesting to point people to. Also, just think of the naughty conversations that it could spawn. This is a site that tries to guestimate your monetary value based on your qualities and experiences, such as educational level, lifestyle habits, physical characteristics and so on and so forth. Even better, it explains most of the decisions it makes. I’m apparently worth about $1,900,000, which is just above average for men. My girlfriend is worth more than a million dollars more than I am, and was the second-highest valued female on the day we took the test together. Figures, doesn’t it? ;)

So that’s it. I know there’s not much this time, but things have been a little crazy for me. I just gave my boss(es) my notice of resignation, and I don’t have another job lined up so this’ll be interesting. I’ve spent the week mostly at a hotel and the major comfort I am finding while away from home is the garter my girlfriend packed in my bag for me. I love the feeling of the fabric encircling my thigh, even while it makes me miss home and her touch even more.