I’ve been a bad boy. It’s nearly Thursday and I’ve yet to get to my Wednesday Wanderings posting this week. I don’t think I really have the readership who cares, but I’ve not been very good about posting lately and I certainly want to write about the events of the weekend and this past week. They have been amazingly wonderful, and the explorations into D/s that Eileen and I are doing right now is pushing us both in new—and exciting—directions.

However, once again, tonight I haven’t the energy to draw it all together and so instead I’ll make note of some of the recent goings-on elsewhere that I’ve found to be interesting. Rather than try to continually find great new stuff (because, damn, that’s really hard—there isn’t really that much great stuff out there, really, and even if there is it’s hard to find), I’ll do the ol’ some old and some new link list.

So without further ado, this week’s Wanderings:

  • Bitchy Jones’s Diary: Fuck Me, and Fuck Me Again – Bitchy Jones has, in traditionally beautiful Bitchy style, posted about her frustrations with the ideas of penile-centric sex and what it means in the realm of Femitydomity™ and the kink world as a whole. I loved these posts because I can relate to large parts of them, and I can see how I completely don’t relate to other parts of them even though I can agree with her points. As usual, that is what the topic of BDSM (or kink, if I must, Bitchy ;) will do to folks. Everyone’s got their own point of view because it’s such an intensely personal topic. I love that about this subject matter. Anyway, long story short(er), you should go check out these posts.
  • MWK’s Weekly Wankcast – In the vein of new stuff, I followed some links on timidboy’s site that led me to Mistress Wycked Kitten’s “Weekly Wankcast,” a podcast of teases and all sorts of other such wonderful things of that nature. I’ll admit I have yet to listen to a single one from start to finish, but the excerpts I’ve been picking up sound very hot. As an information junkie and technologist, it’s exciting to see people take advantage of new media in this way. Props to Mistress Wycked Kitten for being one of the first ones on the map in this space, and I certainly hope more will join her soon. Hell, I’ve got a ton of ideas myself….

In other news, it appears that a majority of bloggers (save Bitchy, of course) haven’t been that active this past week, myself included. Richard and Alexandra are finally together again, and I wish them the best of times and a lot of fun while they spend their time together. Tom Allen‘s been spending a good deal of time responding to comments on his recent entries and as I’m somewhat more familiar with Tom’s story from ages ago, I’m remaining a little quieter than most. Tom, you’re becoming quite the little superstar. :)

For me, the past few days has been a whirlwind of activity in the non-kinky areas of my life. Suffice it to say that I’m voluntarily unemployed (or will be very soon) and am starting to freak out a little bit about it. I’m in that situation where I have no clue what my life will look like one week down the line, and this is both a freeing and somewhat frightening experience.

Eileen and I have enjoyed way, way more play than we normally do, as well, so there’s a lot to write about. Almost too much, in fact, because I’ve been mulling the experiences over for days now and am no where nearer to writing about them. In some ways, I’m not sure I really want to quite yet, because they were awesome and personal and I don’t have much of a basis for understanding them beyond the experience itself. I’d love to play that way some more in the future, and keep exploring these areas. And I know, I’m being way vague, which is totally unfair to readers. But hey, I may be a subbie but it’s still my blog—and don’t worry, you’ll hear allll about it soon enough. :)