Okay, so here’s a funny subject I’ve been trying to experiment with a little lately. This past week I’ve been locked up in the CB-3000 at my girlfriend’s command. The last time I had been locked up wasn’t for a good many months ago. (I have it recorded on my personal kink calendar, but without looking it up I’d say it’s been at least four months since my last lock-up.) I’m glad that, after all this time, it’s still relatively easy to get acclimated to wearing the device again. Sleeping is not a problem, comfort is hardly an issue, and overall it’s not difficult to remain hygienic.

The thing that has changed between then and now, funnily enough, is the kinds of clothing I typically wear. My wardrobe is stocked full of form-fitting shirts and, more to the point, pants and underwear. My underwear inventory isn’t even very good at accomodating my penis when I’m not locked in the chastity device (it’s mostly very feminine wearables), so trying to maneuver into it with the bulk of the chastity device is an amusing challenge.

This has led me to experiment a lot more with what kinds of clothing work best when locked. I’ve had to consider both comfort and look, for obvious reasons. The results have surprised me!

For instance, it turns out that thongs (designed for women) are actually very comfortable to wear when I’m locked in the chastity device. It seems that the tightness of the thong stretching over the device gives me a lot of support in the needed area, and pulls the device downwards enough to avoid being a noticeable bulge in my pants. Since there’s not a lot of fabric, it’s also a lot easier for my bits to “breathe” if it’s warm out. Wearing tidy whities or similar underwear is supportive enough, but also stifling. Besides, my ass looks like a million bucks in a thong. ;)

I’ve also found that low-rise women’s jeans are way more comfortable than traditional men’s style jeans. This is because it’s trivial to place my package on either side of the seam without trouble, whereas in other styles of pants the seam itself gets in the way of things. Readjustments have been necessary on occasion, but it’s not difficult to find a public restroom to do so.

Of course, I’m not sure how much of this is personal taste or actually making sense objectively, but whatever. My conclusions from all of this experimentation largely boil down to two salient points. These are:

  1. I need to purchase way more thongs.
  2. I can be a bit more bold in the style of my dress while locked up. (Yay!)