I think I figured something out just now, in the shower. I was thinking about the whole issue of professional BDSM and what the deal is with prodommes and what not, how money plays into the equation and the economics of the situation when it struck me: the men are the whores.

What I mean is, the reason I get so pissed off at the other submissive men out there who are willing to pay for domination is because in my view they are cheapening something that I find to be priceless, namely my own submission. How dare they willingly say, “Dominating me for an hour is worth two (or three, or four or whatever) hundred dollars to me.” I could never say that and mean it the way they do, because frankly, my submission is earned. I don’t just give it away to the prettiest girl or the strongest man or the cheapest dom I can find.

I can’t understand why these men sell their submission the way they do. It’s insulting to me, as a proud human, bottom, and submissive, that they even consider the thought. No wonder I have such a hard time respecting them. What’s there to respect about someone who so willingly sells such a deeply important part of themselves, and furthermore, cheapens the entire idea by placing finite financial value on the thing?

These men are the most unethical of sluts I can imagine. They are more unethical than the prodommes because the prodommes (usually) know what they’re doing emotionally and they make conscious choices to protect themselves. But these men…they know what they’re doing and they’re doing it on purpose anyway (and if they don’t, they’re just too dumb to be respected on any level other than the basic respect I’d accord a fellow human).

I’m not sure if that made any sense to anyone except for me. Whatever, it’s just my two cents anyway.