I’ve been completely remiss with this blog. I shan’t give excuses because, well, what good would that do? Instead, some quality reading material that I’ve found—or that has found me—recently.

  • Bishounen Works is the fantastic web site of P.L. Nunn, renowned yaoi fan fiction author and artist. I’ve known about her site for, god, ages now and it has long since been a bookmark in my collection ‘o naughty sex sites. She’s got a ton of fantastic artwork, if you’re into that sort of thing (I am).

    However, recently Eileen discovered several specific pieces of fiction that have quite literally rocked our world. They are absolutely wonderfully horrific tales of torture and abuse and are certainly not for the faint of heart, but their extreme violence and unabashed eroticism make them true must-reads for anyone who finds the fantasy of non-consensual BDSM (rape, kidnapping, captivity, torture, etc.) arousing.

    I don’t often feel the need to place such disclaimers around links, but these are very extreme stories. They are also purely fantasy, an important point to keep in mind.

    Here’s a brief list of some of my favorites so far.

    • Bloodraven – a fantasy world where invading Ogres capture and enslave humans finds one such man taken hostage for the sexual amusement of his new Ogre master.
    • Walking with the Dead – Okay, I haven’t actually read it yet but Eileen says it’s filled with all sorts of sexy hotness. :)

    Reading this kind of intense stuff is sometimes frighteningly sexy. The thought of having my life ripped away from me and being thrust into non-consensual slavery wherein I am abused day and night to the point of exhaustion and near-death almost daily at once fills me with several kinds of lust. I am pretty sure for obvious reasons that the eroticization of such a thing would quickly vanish in the face of being confronted with such a reality, but other emotions would not. The bloodlust, fighting instinct, would be stroÃ¥ng, and it’s more than often that feeling, too, that I crave when I want to play with pain really hard….

  • Dominatrix Next Door – This extremely intelligent pro-domme’s blog is clearly in its early stages, but is already home to some wonderfully insightful posts about sex work, and what that’s actually like. In case you missed that, this is a BDSM professional’s blog who calls her profession sex work, and that alone should tell you just how observant this young lass is. I’ve been reading some of her writings for quite a while now and I’m always interested, and sometimes humbled, after reading her perspective on things.
  • Behind Kink’s Free Documentaries – Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention Kink.com’s wonderful new announcement that they have made access to all of the Behind Kink documentary videos absolutely free. This comes right on the heels of Kink.com’s recent mention in the New York Times and is exactly the right thing for them to do, and it is the first move towards making the pornography industry something that will really benefit from, instead of being hampered by, the advance of technology and media sharing. If you have yet to watch a few of these, go check them out. It’s not always what you think.