I gotta say, I’m glad the world has someone like Bitchy Jones, who in her famous irreverent ranting style has sunk her claws deep into the hypocrisy that is the common (mis)perception about cuckolding, but I really wish all this talk of those truly sad and pathetic conversion project guys (who should totally read Tom’s comments) and the firestorm around this kink or that’s validity would cease.

Frankly, I’m just not intereted in any of it because I am neither the target audience or feel as though there is (much) to learn from these discussions (though I can’t say that there is no knowledge ripe for the picking from them). I don’t care about what other people are doing wrong because I am far more interested in what I can do right.

And, frankly, I’m way too selfish a human being to fight this fight for the benefit of others. It is truly unfortuante that there are not others out there in greater numbers who are actually self-aware enough to discover the excitement of authentic connection and erotic power exchange, but that is mostly their loss, not mine. Besides, though I don’t want to go into specifics, I have done a lot for my community on this front already, and I am still doing steadily more.

Really, though, I just miss the level of introspection I was finding on the blogosphere in much more abundance before this hailstorm of things-gone-wrong came about. And after all, not that it isn’t sometimes necessary, but isn’t focusing on the things gone wrong counterproductive anyway?