Playing with other people in a sexual way has been a new experience. I’m a gigantic slut in my fantasies, but in reality I’ve only ever been with about as many people as I can count on one hand. For some reason, while I feel perfectly okay doing “crazy kinky shit” with people I’ve just met, like letting them beat me with whips, letting them tie me up in very strenuos positions with rope, shackles, handcuffs, and whatever else is lieing about, and more things, I feel far more self-conscious and uncomfortable with the thought of kissing, groping, or fucking people that I don’t know very well.

When Eileen and I were talking about our positive weekend experiences with others, one thing that has stuck in my head that she’s mentioned is that she said she felt good about the experiences in part because she, “felt like [she] was giving [our friends] a new toy — you.” This struck a chord because that was so much the feeling I got that I was glad she felt it too. In fact, our friends felt similarly!

To make the feeling even more blunt, a week before we had purchased a little gold dog tag at Petco (ahh, one of the many pervertible stores in the city) and placed it on my collar. The collar reads, appropriately enough, “Property of Eileen” and makes a lovely little jingling noise when I shake my head. This thing feeds directly into my human pet fantasies and I’ve been crushing hard on it ever since we got it. (Note to kinksters on a budget: for God’s sake, go visit Petco! Not to mention the fact that this tag really enhances puppy play scenarios!)

I liked feeling as though I were being given to our friends for the night. Eileen went so far as to give them the option of letting me orgasm (or not) once and once only that night. The combination of these things had put me deep into a headspace of feeling owned. The funny thing about it all was that this feeling was around even while spending the night and, wonderfully, it didn’t impede or hamper the activities at all. I was still EIleen’s, but I was there with our friends. I think this worked so well, at least in part, because they not only understood, but enjoyed the dynamic as well.

This experience makes me want to dig deeper into exploring feelings of ownership and, beyond that, of being shared.