I was going to say a lot more, but a picture is worth a thousand words. This year’s march was much like the one from 2005, above, except this time I was in chains and jeans instead of ropes and khakis. Happy Pride. :)

Oh hey, guess what? A friend of mine pointed me to some more photos of myself and Eileen from around the web that she found. Here’s another, of the parade a few days ago, taken when Eileen and I were taking a short break from all the whip cracking for a sip of water and diet coke:

And hey, yet more pictures are cropping up. Here’s another of my back this year:

Okay, I know I keep updating this entry with more links to photos, but that’s ‘cuz they keep appearing. Here is a gallery with a number of additional photos of me and Eileen. Enjoy. :)