I am thrilled to post a new episode of Kink on Tap today. This time, I had a great conversation with Hannah and Tyler, President and Vice President of Conversio Virium, respectively. Conversio Virium (or CV, for short) is Columbia University’s BDSM discussion group, and is the oldest student-run BSDM organization in the United States. They even have a Wikipedia entry.

It should be noted that I’ve been an attendee at CV meetings for quite some time, so this podcast is partly a discussion and partly a chance to give CV some additional reach. Hannah, Tyler, and I talked about a lot of stuff, mostly relating to young people in the kink communities, why a place like CV is so important and what makes CV so special and different from the rest of the BDSM scene.

Hannah and Tyler are also very interested in reaching out and making connections with other youth-oriented BDSM groups, university affiliated or otherwise. You can contact them and the rest of the Conversio Virium leadership through their web site or by emailing [email protected].

Special thanks to Hannah and Tyler for agreeing to speak with me and for continuing to do the awesome job they are doing for Conversio Virium and young kinky people in New York City.

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