While switching up my computer set up, something along the way has caused a problem with my web server, causing it and Orgasm Logger to come down. Unfortunately, I’m not able to remedy the situation right now and tomorrow is a work day, which means I’ll have to put this on hold for a while. So, unfortunately, I have to announce that Orgasm Logger is down and expected to remain that way for the immediate near future. Hopefully this issue will be resolved come the weekend.

Advance apologies if this causes any inconveniences for anyone using the site.

Update: So it turns out that the problem with the web server was, unfortunately, a catastrophic hard drive failure. Literally, it was working one moment and on the next reboot I could hear the platters spinning around loosely inside the drive. Thankfully, I have a very recent backup from September 11th that I’ll restore to working order as soon as I’m done with everything else. (This means if you’ve recorded an orgasm or made an account after September 11th, you may need to re-enter your data. I’m sorry about that.)

To make a longish story short, I’ve taken the opportunity to completely rearrange my hardware set up here, consolidating a number of different machines together and upgrading the server from which I was first serving the Orgasm Logger site. It’ll also make my life at home a lot easier, which I’m looking forward to.

The site is still down, though now the dedicated server is nearly ready. I hope to have the site back up before the work week starts, but this may have to wait just a few days longer. I do appreciate everyone’s patience.

Update: Orgasm Logger is back up and running, restored from a backup made on September 11th. If you find that some of your information is missing, you may have to re-enter it. Again, I’m sorry about that. Otherwise, if you notice any problems, please don’t hesitate to email me about them. Thanks for your patience.