I realize I’ve gone missing in action with regards to this blog. I have proper excuses, don’t you worry, but instead of sharing those boring tidbits of my life with you I thought I’d instead share this rousing development: the source code to Orgasm Logger is now publicly and freely accessible.

I’ve set up a Trac installation to manage the project, and the svn source code repository is freely available, too. To get at it, simply do a plain ol’

svn checkout svn://maymay.homeunix.net/orgasmlogger

with your favorite Subversion client. Just be nice and don’t laugh at my horrendous lack of coding skillz. :)

More information is (or will soon be) available on the the Orgasm Logger project homepage. Anonymous users are welcome to submit bug reports, feature requests, or patches. Naturally, I’ll still do my best to make sure the site is up and running and is (ploddingly) improved.

In completely other news, happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day!