With Eileen, Calico, and that guy without a blog name, I went to Black Rose XX this past weekend. Even though parts of it were bright, I remember it mostly as a miserable time. I cried out of sadness and anger on each day, and attempts to put into words the feelings I had while there will inevitably seem too trite, and too commonplace, to publish.

Instead, I want to share some of the unexpected experiences I had at Black Rose this weekend. I say unexpected because the other, miserable experiences, I’ll admit to bracing myself for before I ever left New York. I had been warned that the event was a largely traditional maledom, femsub affair (and it was), but at worst I thought I’d proudly shake things up. As it turned out, I retreated into a little emotional corner and felt no pride at all for much of the event. On the other hand, there were plenty more femdom, malesub play scenes happening than I was expecting.

With the above as an introduction, the following is a list of working titles that I will eventually turn into links to entries about my weekend. Some or all of these may not actually turn into entries at all. I’m fickle like that. In that instance, consider this list a brief (if cryptic) insight into how my brain works.