Stolen directly from Miss Avarice where I first saw this:

I would like to make special mention of a segment of this video at a time-mark approximately ten minutes and thirty-one seconds from the start:

Gender roles do change over time and they change within cultures. In, sort of, Western American culture, the only emotion that we really give and allow men to have is either anger or a sort of stoic pride. If men cry we consider that feminine, but that’s not the way in all cultures. In some cultures men cry very openly and are expected to and it’s considered masculine behavior. So it’s clear that it’s not a genetic component of who a man is, and it’s not a biological component, but crying or anger can be seen as social aspects of who we are.

I realize I am preaching to the choir by posting this here on my blog. So instead I now urge you to show this to someone who does not have the same understanding of gender fluidity as you do. Please. For instance, I’ve sent this link to my mother.

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