A long time ago, when I was just beginning to explore the sex blog corner of the blogosphere, I decided I’d set myself a task: find a few interesting links every week and publish something nice about them on Wednesdays. Since these were only going to be links I could say something nice about, they would, of course, have to be good links (or at least decent links), because otherwise I would say something bad about them. Yes, my mother did tell me that if I have nothing nice to say, I should not say it at all, and no, I did not usually take her advice.

Well, it’s been a long time, and I don’t know if this is a tradition I can sustain every week. I’m simply not that fast a reader. However, at least every once in a while, because I think the activity of seeking novel quality content is a beneficial one for so many vital reasons—to always question, to always listen, to always be open to new opportunity and possibility—I’ve decided to give this another try and see where it takes me.

I’m also going to forego forcing this tradition to become a search for new sources, because frankly that’s a less pressing goal. This means you might see more of the familiar bloggers showing up here every once in a while. This should be your clue that you should probably subscribe to their blog feeds. ;)

So, this week, I’m going to make special mention of a few blogs that I’ve added to my blog roll, as well as point out a particularly poignant recent post by a blog that is not. (If you’re curious what criteria I use to decide who I list on my blog roll and who I don’t, then you’ll be sad to know that so am I.)

  • First is Figleaf, of Real Adult Sex, who I’ve been reading for quite some time and linked to on more than one occasion. His posts fill my newsreader with such consistency and frequency that I have completely given up reading every one of them. However, this was really hard to do because each one is just so damn good. In many respects, he belabors the same points over and over again, but he does so on points that are important enough that are always impossible to ignore and, moreover, he does so with novel observations each time. Quite simply, I admire his tenacity and patience, his clarity, and his consistency and commitment to his blog. You can now find him linked from my blog roll.
  • One blog I don’t keep up with much (simply because it is not personally interesting) is Married Man’s Fucktoy, but this post in which DL’s Toy relates some experiences with orgasm control is decidedly hot. For one, it’s clearly experience and doesn’t read like erotica, which while fun in its own right is sometimes not what you’re looking for. Second, it touches on a few issues that relate to orgasm denial that I am currently grappling with myself, and which I might one day soon write about here. In any event, for the moment, the post is simply a fun romp in which I vicariously experienced a few moments of her covetous desire for an orgasm. Also, it might be a fun glimpse for some male submissives out there to see just how similar orgasm denial can feel for women in some ways as it can feel for us.
  • Calico, who is pretty much always writing amazing stuff, has done it again for me, this time in a post less than 250 words long. The message? Sex workers teach customers how to talk about what they want. I think we can all agree that’s a good thing.
  • Another wonderful blogger that I’ve known about for some time but that, for some reason, I simply didn’t start really reading seriously is Chelsea Girl from over on Pretty Dumb Things. Her incredible talent at writing pieces that are at once beautiful and meaningful and thought-provoking have, now that I’ve been listening, given me a lot to consider. For this and other reasons, she’s totally earned a permanent spot on my blog roll.
  • Finally, another blogger who, evidently, has been blogging for years and years and years and who I only had the pleasure of meeting last week is Debauchette. Debauchette and I met at the most recent sex blogger’s tea hosted by the one and only Blog Mamma, Viviane of The Sex Carnival whose blog is also totally worth a look. She struck me as a surprisingly soft-spoken individual with an obvious abundance of Good Things to say about sex and sexual experience, which is of obvious interest to many of us. I can say the same thing of her writing I’ve read so far.

That’s all for this week. It’s plenty, though, really. As many of you may already be aware, I’m not planning to be in New York City for much longer. This saddens me at the same time as it excites me. I have never in my life met so many intelligent, capable, and enthralling people in this city as I have in the last few months.

Figures, doesn’t it? Just as I get ready to leave, I find that part of what I was looking for elsewhere has been here all along. Sigh. I’ll miss this city and all the new friends and connections I’ve made here. Still, I badly need an adventure—and going to Sydney will be an awfully big adventure.