I don’t really have a lot of things to say about holidays most of the time. I rarely remember they are even approaching when they are, I don’t do anything special to celebrate them, and I’m generally apathetic to their meaning. None of that, however, precludes the possibility of hoping everyone else is having a very merry Christmas or a happy holiday or whatever it is you have chosen to do on this and any other related day.

As a brief interlude from all the heavy-hearted posting, I thought that, instead of making associations between this holiday and the fear of sex (I mean, as I understand it, people all around the world are generally celebrating immaculate conception, which doesn’t sound like any fun at all to me) I’d give you all a few moments of “mmmm, that nice!” in pictorial form. Enjoy.

Christmas Chastity
Christmas Gay Spanking and Paddling
Santa’s List

As an aside, if anyone has information as to the identity of the artists, I would love to give them due credit as, unfortunately, I do not as yet know the original source.