My life’s doing that thing it sometimes does when so much happens in so little time that the only record of things actually happening is the effects these things have. That makes for a very exciting life, but not a very exciting blog, and this entry is a symptom of that. Therefore, this quick update-that’s-not-really-an-update post will defer to the (rather silly) tradition of Half Naked Thursdays and some miniscule eye-candy.

I spent last weekend in the Boston area at a private weekend-long play and sex party Eileen and I were graciously invited to attend. It was a lot of fun. I got to see some old friends again, got to play with some new friends and an older friend with whom I had never before played, and then when everything was said and done in Massachusetts, Eileen and I took a detour on the way home to visit Switch and Boy for yet more play. It feels like Tuesday to me, and yet I know it’s already Thursday.

A lot happened in Boston. Some of my friends are beginning to write about their experiences and I’m feeling blocked. I guess I can’t always be writing, though: I’m too busy living to be writing about it, at the moment.

In the mean time, I hope you’ll enjoy this picture of the results of the first and relatively very mild scene on Friday night. Eileen, wielding the shiny, new, custom-made knife that Boy made for her, decided to draw wings on my back. Personally, I think she’s got a thing for wings.

May with Knifed Wings