• In Katoomba ordering breakfast from cute, cute waitress. Also, public urinals in Australia are just big pee-walls, not stalls. Who’s hungry? #
  • Hiking down the Furber steps in the Blue Mountains National Park. Taking pictures too. It’s very pretty here, smells like moss and ferns. #
  • OMG, I’m in the most amazing little cafe EVER! It’s like a cross between a hobbit hole, a Scottish pub, and the Enterprise’s holodeck! #
  • Ohhhh…I so, so should have ordered the small nachos. Have 2hrs on train to digest, then have to work on new freelance coding project. #
  • Didn’t think I’d ever actually need to advise anyone to seek counsel from NCSF—much less a relative—but today I have. http://ncsfreedom.org/ #
  • Early to bed, early to rise? Yeah, right, except for the fact that I have an all-staff meeting at 8:30 AM tommorrow. Night, tweets. #
  • Ugh. Up at 8 for a “strategy and team-building”
    meeting for work. Here’s my idea for our strategy: no meetings before 10 AM! Srsly…. #
  • Holy shit, it’s only 8:30 AM but I’ve never seen Redfern St. so packed. Are they all going to work? No wonder Earth has so many problems. #
  • Eat my dust, other pedestrians! I learned how to people slalom in Times Square! #