This Sunday, Eileen and I are going to be presenting our third presentation at Uber’s Skill Share Workshops. This time, we’ll be doing a presentation on playing with single-tails. I’ll admit we don’t have much of an outline for it yet, but we do have some creative ideas for how to do the class which includes a demonstration and, even better, we plan to keep it extremely practical.

I keep trying to find the time and the motivation to do this presentation outline justice, to really prepare and prepare well for this presentation. However, I just can’t bring myself to care enough anymore. The scene in Sydney is showing little promise for me personally and, as usual, I am a lousy altruist. As I mentioned on Eileen’s latest blog post (which is about this very issue and which I highly encourage everyone to read):

The scene, wherever and whenever it presupposes a willingness and ability to pay utterly ridiculous prices for what amounts to no fun at all, is crap. This is true in Sydney as well as in New York City.


Save your money, kids. Just say no to for-pay BDSM clubs. Hang out with your friends instead. It’s more fun, and the sex is better too.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the fact that there is a scene here in the first place, it’s just not one I’m finding useful, valuable, or interesting to me on a level that makes practical sense for me to be an passionate part of it. To borrow a grammatical structure from a beloved muppet: Support it I will, participate in it I will not.

On a completely unrelated note, I am still having frustrating issues with some custom code I wrote for WordPress. If any of you happen to be PHP and/or WordPress wizards and would like to help me troubleshoot a really annoying issue, please let me know.