There’s a lot of reasons why I haven’t been very active on this corner of the Internet. Fundamentally, it comes down to the fact that there really isn’t all that much to say because I haven’t really done very much worth talking about.

As it turns out, my initial instincts were (yet again) right on the money, and I’m utterly disappointed in the Aussie kink scene and its inhabitants. When it comes to the sexual and social aspects of my life, I am becoming increasingly eager to leave this very large island.

Thus, imagine my surprise when I found myself on a list of 100 “Top” Sex Bloggers of 2008 that Rori of Between My Sheets recently put up. On her list, which includes some absolutely fantastic sex bloggers, I’m apparently “number 36.”

Being called the “36th top sex blogger of 2008″ by anyone’s standards actually makes me think this is not really an ordered list, because there’s no way I’m the “36th most” anything sex blogger of 2008. I mean, seriously, I’m not having anywhere near enough sex, nor am I talking about my lack of said sex enough, for that ranking. I think Rori got a bunch of submissions and then just started listing the top 100 of these bloggers one after the other, not in any particular order. (By the way, thanks to whomever told Rori about my blog. You totally get brownie points.)

Nevertheless, it’s certainly an honor to be placed in the company of such fine bloggers, and in light of the fact that this list doesn’t just constitute a cool honor but is also a fantastic list of sexy links, I’m totally stealing it from her to use as one of my very sporadic Wednesday Wanderings. (I don’t care that it’s not Wednesday, can’t you tell I’m being lazy?)

So here it is, without further ado, an enormous list of provocative, sexy, inspiring, and downright fun things for you to check out this weekend. Enjoy, and thanks again, Rori!