So here’s a funny thing. It looks like major Web 2.0 sites are quickly picking up copy cats in the fetish/BDSM communities. For kinksters, Facebook was quickly replaced by FetLife (friend me if you know me!) and now it appears that Digg has a pseudo-copy cat in the form of FetSpank. This is cool, and is proof-positive that the open nature of the Internet creates niche opportunities where content is king. I just wish we’d have picked a better prefix for our stuff than “fet,” cuz, well, ew.

That said, I figured that I might as well help this sex-2.0-specific copy catting adoption rate by writing a little plugin for WordPress-powered blogs (like mine) so that publishers can easily add a “FetSpank This!” button on their WordPress-generated content. So without further ado, I present to you the FetSpank This! WordPress Plugin.

Enjoy, and if you have any plugin-specific feedback, please leave comments on the plugin’s homepage.