• @sanbeiji Glad to see it! Let’s try to catch up but let’s work smarter not harder. Did you see my suggestions re simultaneous collaboration? #
  • I have many ideas bouncing around my head after speaking with @johnallsopp this morning. I like his notion “CSS is the future’s PostScript.” #
  • Amused that I was pulled from “critical” project by 2 ppl who involved 2 others none of whom could solve the issue so I had to do it anyway. #
  • @wendyblackheart Backups are like air. If you don’t have ’em you’ll feel anxious & afraid. If you do, you’ll feel fine. http://taobackup.com #
  • The best thing about work is the ability to casually discuss no pants shabu-shabu diners & various other things during weekly Fri. meetings. #
  • Trying to seduce @BloodyLaughter in public. If she is pushing my limits as a bottom, then it is my duty & pleasure to push her as a top. #
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