Recently, my blog was favorably reviewed by the good folks at For those who don’t know, JanesGuide is one of the oldest and most reputable adult website review sites on the Internet, dating all the way back to 1997 (which was interestingly about when I started establishing myself online, too). When you get a nice review from them, it’s customary to let other people know with a little award icon image that links back to Jane’s site.

If you’re not reading solely through my newsfeed, then you may have noticed the JanesGuide icon I’ve (admittedly somewhat haphazardly) put into my sidebar. That icon is the (old school) “quality & original” associated with this kind review of my writing here:

In an age where it seems as though “sex bloggers” have become a dime a dozen, Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed is a breath of fresh, intellectual, well-thought out air. MayMay is the writer of this site, and while it hasn’t been updated as much recently, it is chock full of interesting news about a variety of events/news stories in the field of sexuality, thoughts and pondering about his own sexuality, and questions that have been asked to the internet community at large. Actually, one of my favorite things about this site is the discussion that occurs with all of MayMay’s readers and commenters, turning the site into a forum of sorts at times. I can only hope MayMay gets back into the swing of updating the site, as I really enjoyed reading it. – EssinEm

Well, since I was reviewed so positively, I wanted to give something more than just a link back to Jane’s site. I decided I’d write a plugin that could make it just a little bit easier for blog authors using WordPress to display their JanesGuide icons. That plugin is called WP-JanesGuide and is available for free.

Thanks for the wonderful review, JanesGuide, and I hope you enjoy the plugin!