A little under a year ago, I introduced MaleSubmissionArt.com, a website featuring erotic imagery of men and other male-identified people as submissive subjects. Back then, you couldn’t even google the phrase “male submission art” without getting loads of naked, tied up, ostensibly submissive women littering your search results because there simply wasn’t a single resource of high quality visual erotica depicting men. Now, a mere 11 months later, MaleSubmissionArt.com has thousands of mentions, and is on the first page of Google search results for most variations of search terms that include the words “submissive,” “men,” and “pictures,” along with their synonyms.

One month after that, I introduced the concept of KinkForAll, an ad-hoc sexuality “unconference” with the potential to radically transform sexuality education and community building as we know it today. In 10 months, a driven core of participants and I have put on 3 separate unconferences in two major metropolitan areas, creating an ever-increasing amount of freely available videos, which have collectively gotten well over 1,000 total views, and audio recordings that feature sexuality-related information and education efforts. What’s more, we’re working to put together a fourth event, KinkForAll Washington DC, which will be held on November 21st at Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School that will continue to push for and support sexuality and civil rights advocacy. (Here’s the press release.)

Today, I’m pleased to announce that my latest effort, the reincarnation of Kink On Tap from what it was 2 years ago, is once again pushing the envelope for sexuality community building in a totally new way. This time, partnering with Emma from FollowsTheSun.com, I’m pushing sexuality podcasting away from static broadcasts and towards an interactive experience by recording them in front of a live Internet audience. With a chat room, a Twitter backchannel, collaboratively created show notes, and—as you hopefully expect by now—complete transparency with regards to our topics and future guest plans, I think Kink On Tap is a bold new step in reaching across community boundaries and connecting people in a way that empowers them to learn about and participate in making the world a better place for us all.

As the Kink On Tap about page reads:

Kink On Tap is more than just a netcast about sexuality; it’s also a community of people for whom intelligent conversations about sexuality and how sexuality relates to other aspects of their lives is a motivating force for Doing Good. If this sounds like you, then jump right into our community wiki, chat room, or live stream to join the conversation! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, of course!

So, as Tom said, What are you doing here? Why aren’t you listening to […] the latest Kink On Tap podcast? Emma and I have had a blast each time so far, and we’d simply love to see you in the chat room on Sundays at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific time. :)