• Inbox explosion! I met so many awesome folks @Sex20Con! #Unpacking then setting aside my whole evening for #Sex20 follow up/correspondence. #
  • Huh. Inbox contains more than 5 technical recruiter emails. I usually only get 1 or 2 per week. Must keep on top of #tech news more closely. #
  • @Kalyana I welcome social media stalkers with honorable intentions, friendliness & generosity such as yourself. It was SOO nice to meet you! in reply to Kalyana #
  • @DrDickSexAdvce Well, #Sex20 gave me even more reasons to return to Seattle than I already had. I'll be back. Meanwhile, engage w/me online! in reply to DrDickSexAdvce #
  • #Sex20 followup leads me to http://ThePurpleStore.com. "For people who love #purple & those who shop for them." Good #niche success example! #
  • Some of #Sex20 @KinkOnTap videos on @UStream sound awful/got cut off due to horrific Internet at hotel. :( Thankfully we've got local audio! #
  • @zalsoa Maybe they underestimated? But also, WTF was with the multiple SSIDs? Why didn't they use WDS, allow roaming across repeaters? #WiFi in reply to zalsoa #
  • For #Sex20 peeps who've been asking how I do what I do, here's a big part of the answer: http://followsthesun.com/consulting /cc @helio_girl #
  • I totally should have tasted the vulva-shaped-marzipan-topped cake at the #Sex20 afterparty. Also, there was vulva-shaped marzipan. No, rly. #
  • @cindygallop1 Thx for RT! At risk of being fanboyish, I love your work, am hoping you'll entertain an (already sent) email exchange w/me. :) in reply to cindygallop1 #
  • So nice to see Twitter avatars of typical-sounding prodommes turn from pics of objectified women to bound men shown on MaleSubmissionArt.com #
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