Innately, I seek out information from a variety of sources. This is because I truly believe that multiple perspectives are necessary to understand one thing. With Kink On Tap, I’ve been able to turn my media consumption routine into a media production routine, but sometimes I find things that are more fitting to put here than to turn into a Kink On Tap Brief.

Therefore, I’ve decided to resurrect (for, like, the third time now) the poorly-named “Wednesday Wanderings” installments here, where once-in-a-while, and sometimes even on Wednesday, I’ll offer a short roundup of links for your perusal that I thought were cool.

And today, these links involved aliens and strip clubs, but perhaps disappointingly no alien strip clubs:

TransGriot: The Catholic Church Will Baptize ET But Won’t Do It For Me

Last month, Guy Consolmagno, one of the Pope's astronomers, told The Guardian, that he would baptize an alien—regardless of the number of tentacles it has—if the alien asked. His reasoning, according to Guardian journalist Alok Jha, is because "the traditional definition of a soul was to have intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions."

Here's where it gets hypocritical. Trans blogger Monica Roberts notes:

I find it ironic that you would be willing to baptize ET, but you are kicking transpeople out of your churches and parochial schools with the quickness. You need to phone home to Rome and tell Pope Benedict and the gang to [realize that] what you said about ET also applies to trans people walking on Planet Earth. We are intelligent life inhabiting this galaxy and solar system that has a soul and news flash, some of us are already Catholic.

Sundaysex | Border Thinking on Migration, Trafficking and Commercial Sex

Laura Agustin is one of the most insightful researchers blogging about the larger issues of commercial sex with regards to migration, and thus intersects heavily with the whole anti-trafficking industry. But in addition to those powerful pieces, she also collects various interesting tidbits much like these posts of mine. Her "Sex on Sunday" posts are brief weekly round-ups ranging from things like Franklin Veaux's, "A Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality", to satirical Onion videos about legislating against loveless marriages, to photo sets of various sex shops across the world. It's definitely an interesting place to browse around for those of you who want a brief injection of rationality to balance the inevitable anti-sex bias spewing from certain other places well-known for Sunday gatherings.

Judge Criminalizes Strip Club, Patronizes Stripper

How America scored "one more pathetic little trophy in its continued obsession to criminalize lust" is a tale of sex, drugs, and a federal judge turned criminal? Actually, yes. As Dr. Marty Klein writes:

A 67-year-old guy is arrested by the FBI for illegally using marijuana, cocaine, and prescription painkillers with a stripper over many months. In addition to purchasing lap dances and sex with her at a strip club, he had a sexual relationship with her outside lasting many months. […] It turns out that the guy is a longtime federal judge, appointed by Ronald Reagan.

And the kicker?

Before his arrest, the judge (Jack Camp) recently ruled on a case involving a Georgia county’s regulating—get this—strip clubs and alcohol. […The] corrupt judge supported the government’s power grab, depriving people of their rights [despite being] a customer of [that] very industry, illegally exercising the rights he had helped steal from local people.

‘Till next week, enjoy your wanderings.