Look, sex is political. I’m really, really sorry about that because the people who that fact hurts the most are the people who aren’t empowered to live or fuck the way they want, but it is. And with this week’s midterm election just past, here’s a couple of links driving that point home that caught my eye.

Pushing Porn During Anti-Porn Week | Literate Perversions

Apparently, it's Anti-Porn Week according to a group euphemistically named "Morality in Media," whose basic premise seems to be "it's okay to shame you for liking sex; and you're a pedophile, too." (Context helps.) Says the Literate Pervert,

This country does have a problem with porn, but that problem is that so much of it is so stupid. […] Even if you’re pro-porn and love it in principle, you’ve got to admit that as a genre, there’s more crap than even strict adherence to Sturgeon’s Law requires. The truth is that there’s an awful lot of people making the stuff that just don’t give a shit.

Exactly. But "get rid of porn" is not a solution; surfacing the best of it is. So why not make it Anti-BAD-Porn Week? Send your friends a link to MaleSubmissionArt.com or your other favorite porn-for-social-good project. ;)

Skepchick » Sex, shame, and the Tea Party

Apparently inspired by my furious ranting at Christine O'Donnell's anti-sex cultural terrorism, this great post on Skepchicks.org is worth checking out:

[Sexual shame is] a feedback loop, really. People believe that sex is shameful, so they repress their desires, only to have unhealthy sex to fulfill their needs, which feeds into their belief that sex is shameful, etc. Or more specifically, sex outside of their narrow morally acceptable norm is shameful. Problem is, few of us would really be satisfied with that kind of a constrained sex life (hence all of the ridiculous scandals these politicians get themselves into). And they want us to feel bad about that. Well, I, for one, flat out refuse to be ashamed.

I've little more to say other than a resounding amen! Fact is, it's too easy to hate when you can't fuck how you want. Fighting that cause of hate is what I'm all about.