Dear Internet, the following thoughts have just occurred to me. What do you think about them?

Some people would say that there are two kinds of people in this world: people who think desires should be encouraged, and people who think desires should be constrained.

When it comes to sex, the former tend to call themselves “sex-positive,” and they call the latter “sex-negative.”

What the latter group seems hell-bent on ignoring is that their wish to constrain desires is specific only to desires they don’t have; indeed, they gleefully nurture in others their own desire to constrain the wants and needs of others. Their dogmas of restriction, censorship, and criminalization are nothing more complex than elaborate mirages designed to protect their egos from accepting the reality that they are, in fact, what they fear most: they are, in their hearts, people who believe (their own) desires should be encouraged.

So, albeit cliché, this leaves me with the intractable conviction that there are not actually two kinds of people in this world at all.

In this light, anti-sex crusaders would simply be pitiable if they were not also so destructive to the magical possibilities of creation human desires fuel. As it stands, they are humanity’s and humaneness’s most lethal poison.