Back in April of 2009, only 1 month after coming back from living in Sydney, Australia, I recorded a pretty long discussion with Axe for his Masocast podcast.

(As an aside, it’s a great BDSM podcast, but sadly Axe blatantly sold out his integrity and, despite my helping him cut his podcast costs in half, he chose to stay sponsored by EdenFantasys for “a new microphone,” which is a severe blow to the respect I would otherwise accord him. I donated to his podcast before he was sponsored by them. I’ll never donate to a podcast sponsored by EF. And I’ll probably never donate to Axe again, either.)

Anyway, there were two main topics we talked about on his podcast. He edited the discussion down to two sections. One topic was KinkForAll, which he then released. The other was about Male Submission Art, which he never released. But I did ask for and he did give me the audio. And fuck it, I’ve been sitting on this for over a year and it’s probably time to talk more about Male Submission Art.

So here you go: a slightly-edited but mostly uncut recording of me talking about Male Submission Art.