It’s my blog, and I’ll post what I want to. And today, I want to post this:

[T]hey were coming from an unashamed left perspective on [Kink On Tap….]

I got sooo much information that I’m already applying to my perception of gender in the real world. And just a lot more understanding of how people who incorporate BDSM into their lives arent’ mentally ill, which is often the only way that they are identified in certain parts of the world. And there was some great stuff on sex work and ethical pornography…

[…I]f you think Kink On Tap is a minefield with one-sided opinions then think of the good stuff in the rest of the stuff out there as finding needles in haystacks. (The good stuff and/or the stuff that’s relevant to your interests.) The problem with the world of all this ‘kink’ and sexuality stuff is that there is absolutely nowhere else where things get spoken about on such a level playing field…so many disparate topics with no one afraid to just ask ‘I don’t understand, can you please explain?’ The BDSM community can be just as judgmental and exclusive as any other, and Kink On Tap often had people with very disparate opinions asking each other why they thought that way…

It isn’t a podcast that fits an agenda, as all the other podcasts and blogs out there pretty much do. They’re set to a very small audience and often are full of advertising for products I really don’t want to endorse in any way (pornography I object to, sex toy manufacturers with debatable ethics). When I found Kink On Tap I was elated to find people talking about things that interested me without making me feel like I had to already know everything, or made it a fetishised space, incompatible with ‘normal’ ways of thinking.

Which is why I’m so sad to hear it’s ending. :( Number 67 will be the last cast, or at least the last for a long time. May is suffering a lot from mental health and personal issues and no one around him has been able to help with the technical aspects of the show, and he’s become really bitter about this. So he’s stopping, because it’s not fun anymore. This is where he talks about some of the impact the cast has had on him and others, and his view of the world (which is unapologetically opinionated).

So I’m going to have to keep trawling through (literally) a hundred blogs and feeds, and a dozen sexuality related podcasts, to find the nuggets of humanity that I can relate to or find useful in interactions in the world…it takes so much energy to find what was so effortlessly in Kink on Tap (for me).

Wow. (Here’s some background.)

Thanks. This made my night.