There is a hate blog on Tumblr that has called me “evil” and begun recording dramatic readings of my posts. As I understand it, blogs like that are technically against the Tumblr “Community Guidelines,” because it’s directed solely and wholly at an individual (me). But their readings means that I can use their recordings to improve the Web accessibility of my blog by adding links to audio versions of my posts. :)

So, I’m doing that. Some of my posts now have audio versions, which you can listen to by following the “Listen to an audio recording of this post” link near the top or bottom of the post.

This audio recording is the reading of a post called “Importance of applying Ethic of Consent beyond sex,” itself an excerpt from a series called “Radical Ethicism,” a follow-up to an essay I co-authored called “You Can Take It Back: Consent as a Felt Sense.”

Thank you, anonymous haters, for helping improve my site’s accessibility. I’m sorry you apparently feel the need to (intentionally misunderstand and) misrepresent me, but I do appreciate the way you’re helping republish my content. Here is a video entirely about you:

And here’s a note I wrote directly to the folks publishing that hate blog:

Hi. Love your blog. ;)

I think I’d enjoy recording a conversation with you over Skype or similar where we can talk about me being hilarious. Perhaps it’ll offer your readers a more accurate, even FUNNIER understanding of me.

I totally understand if you’re too busy hilariously misunderstanding my posts to be interested in having an honest conversation with me, though. (Unless I’ve misunderstood you, you seem pretty invested in maintaining such misunderstandings.) Still, invitation stands. :) You seem to know how to reach me for dialogue, if you’re interested in that.

Otherwise, I’m happy you’re using your time to copy content I created to more parts of the Internet, since that’s rather helpful for me. Although I bet there are even more useful things you could do with your time, if you had the motivation to. Linking directly to the posts of mine that you’re referencing is one thing I think might help make your site more useful. I guess we’ll see….

Thanks again.

Take care, give care,


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