The Predator Alert Tool for ChristianMingle, or PAT-ChristianMingle, is a tool that alerts you of profiles on Spark Networks’ ChristianMingle dating site belonging to people who have reportedly violated others’ consent, such as through sexual assault or rape. This tool is based on the popular Predator Alert Tool for FetLife, a dating website for the BDSM/leather/sadomasochistic subculture and, I have to say, the code is almost identical for both websites. Coincidence? I think not. :P

The Predator Alert Tool for ChristianMingle (PAT-ChristianMingle) empowers Internet users like you to anonymously report harassment, rape, and other abuses they have experienced at the hands of a person with a ChristianMingle account. Your report is then automatically disemminated to other PAT-ChristianMingle users, as well as being published on the open Internet.


  • While browsing ChristianMingle, the Predator Alert Tool will visually highlight any user profile you encounter that has allegedly violated another person’s consent. Click through to the user’s profile for a complete listing of reported consent violations.
  • Each time you load a user’s ChristianMingle profile, that user’s profile picture is scanned against the United States’s Sex Offender Registry using the facial recognition service provided by, and the most likely match is shown to you:

I coded this one blind, meaning I was not online when I wrote it. It works in my tests but I’d love for people to try this out on their actual accounts and let me know how well it works. Report bugs here.

Also, by the way, this makes seven Predator Alert Tools. Seven. Total budget: $0. Still.

And my government still thinks I don’t deserve to eat. Fuck.