Submissive person: I’m really intrigued by the notion of having sex tied up in some way.
BDSM person: You should totes join us, then! We’ll show you the ropes. We’ll even teach you to like stuff you didn’t know you liked!
Submissive person: That sounds…interesting…but…I’d rather just do this stuff I know I like, first.
BDSM person: Oh sure, sure, that’s fine! That’s great, even. After you’re tied up, you should check out this thing with pain I’m totally into!
Submissive person: Uh…thanks, but no thanks.
BDSM person: Well, it’s okay if you’re not kinky, you know.
Submissive person: I am kinky.
BDSM person: You don’t seem kinky to me; a real submissive would be happy to let a Dominant push their limits.
Submissive person: I told you, I’m really only interested in this one thing for now. I don’t want to have my “limits pushed,” I think this thing is hot and I want to play around with it together with someone I feel safe with.
BDSM person: Maybe you’re just a sensation slut, then.
Submissive person: What?
BDSM person: Well, if you’re really kinky, you may just think this is all you like now, but soon you’ll find your limits and, we promise, you’ll want to expand them. We can help with that. *wink wink*
Submissive person: You’re making me really uncomfortable, please stop. Besides, my significant other isn’t even Dominant.
BDSM person: Well there’s your problem! You can’t just go around having sex like that without any Dominants around! You’re a submissive. You need a dominant. I mean, LOL, what would two submissives even do to each other?
Submissive person: But I *don’t* want to have people “do things to me” right now, I just want to explore this thing I think I’ll like. What does it matter if they’re Dominant or not?
BDSM person: It matters because how will you ever expand your limits if you don’t get into a relationship with a Dominant who can push them? You might as well just have “normal” sex.
Submissive person: What are you talking about? I want to explore this thing. You’re right that I don’t know for sure what I’ll think of it but why do you assume this means I’m going to want to do MORE of that thing?
BDSM person: If you’re really a submissive, you will. We know. You’ll probably even start asking us for things you know that you *don’t* like! We’ve seen it happen to submissives before. It’s totally hot.
Submissive person: Well that’s hella creepy.
BDSM person: Creepy? How dare you! We’re CONSENSUAL. You obviously don’t understand BDSM.
Submissive person: Actually, I think I do understand. You’re not interested in helping me play around with this thing for my own sake, you’re interested in making sure I’ll have the sex you want to have with me later on.
BDSM person: That’s crazy, we’re all about consensuality here.
Submissive person: Then stop trying to make me feel like I’m not a “real” Submissive if I don’t want to be raped.