I am dying with laughter.

Wasteland, Europe’s biggest fetish party that advertises as ‘the wildest party on earth’ halted the sale of tickets for their 2015 party to keep out ‘housewives in jeans who read Fifty Shades of Grey’. 

Their public statement that their party is about ‘a lifestyle’ that involved ‘a lot more than a bit of tying each other up’ is dripping with elitism and their entire panic about too many vanilla’s at their precious party is cracking me up. 



And where’s the fet community crying out saying that this book is an opportunity to teach people about the “lifestyle” and get records straight about why it isn’t BDSM and blah blah blah blah

Like why do these folks think what they do is otherworldly or something like what you are doing isn’t divine calm down lol

Is it any wonder after how much they resisted things like KinkforAll?

I’m convinced a lot of ‘concerned’ BDSMers talking about fifty shades are not actually worried about hordes of housewives in jeans coming to their kink parties and getting in way over their heads and geting hurt. They’re worried about hordes of housewives in jeans coming to their kink parties and having a good time, sticking around and making the place uncool. 

They’re worried because those who are comfortable being uncool won’t hesitate to call bullshit on creepy community leaders and the glorification of going more ‘hard core’. And let’s face it, a fifty year old mom would step in and interrupt a man grabbing a teenage girl by the collar without her permission, and she’d go Molly Weasley on his ass.  

They’re worried about hordes of housewives in jeans exposing what they’ve always tried to keep secret: that tons of people are kinky in tons of ways, that BDSM isn’t anywhere near the most ‘deviant’ kink out there and is really just an uncreative repackaging of oppressive systems as fetish, and Molly Weasley is not impressed by their so called ‘extreme’ sex. 

yooooo I feel like I gotta say “TEN POINTS FOR GRIFFYNDORRRRR” just for that takedown!!

Okay okay while we’re talking about Harry Potter metaphors, consider this one as well?

I saw this post a while back about how little difference there is between jock culture and geek/gamer-dude culture. Mostly that guys who feel unwelcome in mainstream hyper-masculine communities and society at lasrge recreate similar dynamics but suited to their obsessions or desires. I’d liken it to the reasons why puritans wanted to come here for “religious freedom” but look at why they were “persecuted” and look at us now….

Anyways, your comment reminded me of a good point the HP fandom made about Snape and his reasons for disliking Harry, which were less about his emotional vulnerability, his proximity to his mother Lily or that he’s his father’s son and more that Snape didn’t understand why Lily would fall for a jerk like James instead of a sullen jerk like himself and Harry is just a constant reminder of THAT.

Back to moms in jeans, these people feel less threatened by the fact that their pro-hardcore spaces will supplanted by non-commital spicy vanilla people and more that decent people will infiltrate the scene and make it accessible, MORE mainstream, and palatable to the type of people BDSM-ers abhor.

Like all pro-abuser dynamics aside, these people are huffing and puffing because the people who “rejected” them in some past incarnation or expression now want to see what they get up to and they’re reacting like a teenager who finds out that their parents listened to the same rebellious shit that they thought is one-of-a-kind and avant garde.

Fucking foolish.

Not sure if the same dynamic apply here, but seems like a reasonably close match. 

Hahaha! That is fucking classic. :)