Quite a number of people seem to forget or (intentionally?) omit that the ever increasingly cited argument for consent as a felt sense was written by a pair of people (like myself) who advocate immediate—not gradual—prison abolition. Not to mention the whole “we’re anarchists” thing, having explicitly said we have no interest in advocating a philosophy even remotely compatible with any legal system, much less the current regime.

I just thought that, since y’all are continuing to talk about Consent-as-Felt, you might need a reminder of that.

Consider how this fact about us might change your position (either for or against) Consent-as-Felt? Aaaaaaaaaaanywho, that’s all. Carry on. (Or, if this is new to you, learn more about the difference between consent and permission here.)

Meanwhile, as we wait for societies to integrate our insights, we’ve been working on building alternatives to State-controlled monopolies on emergency response services (aka, the police and EMS), which is pretty exciting work. It’s perfectly aligned with the consent as a felt sense approach to actual justice, bodily (and community) autonomy, and relationships. :)