I’ll make this simple. While I love democracy, my blog isn’t one. What I say here, goes here.

There are only three rules, which are really more like guidelines:

  1. Be thoughtful, or kind, or both. You’re welcome to be unkind as long as you are also thoughtful (i.e., sufficiently substantive); the meaner you are, the less likely your comment will survive moderation.
  2. Do not feed the troll. Sometimes, I will publish a troll-ish comment so we can all point and laugh at the troll in our spare time. However, most if not all follow-up comments to a troll will not be published, nor will future comments by the troll. I feel like it’s just not nice of me to give a troll too many opportunities to embarrass themselves.
  3. My name is maymay, and it’s case insensitive. Call me “Maymay,” “maymay,” “mayMay,” “MaYmAy” or whatever capitalization of such letters you prefer. But don’t use another name or you will get added to a list I keep that I promise you don’t want to be on. (“May” is also fine; after all, “maymay” is just “may” twice.)

If you feel this is unduly harsh, and especially if you’re upset that I haven’t been publishing your comments, I invite you to start your own blog and express your frustration there. I hope you have a good time with that.