Hi, I’m maymay. I’m the information age’s equivalent of a wandering minstrel; I travel wherever I’m needed and wanted, offering my skills as an activist, a scholar, a public speaker, and a technology consultant to the world freely. Instead of owning a home, I live on the road. I’m grateful to everyone who shares food, shelter, or money with me so that I can continue to do Good Work with Good People for the benefit of our future.

You can support me, my Work, and join the adventure! Please contribute as much as you are able, and no more than that. Respect your own limits!


Chances are I’ll need a couch to crash on soon. May I stay with you? If so, please get in touch with me via email, Facebook, Google Plus, Diaspora, CouchSurfing.org, OkCupid, Twitter, Lanyrd, FetLife (why not FetLife?), or calling (323) 963-4827. The best way to reach me while I’m on the road is by sending me an SMS/text message.

Here’s a map of where I’m traveling; click a pin to see details about my travel needs. :) If you’re near any of these places, let me know so we can share a drink. If you’re not, but would like to share a drink with me anyway, send me an invitation to join you in your neck of the woods and I’ll have a great reason to put it on the map!

  • Red pins (Red pin) are places I think I’ll be soon,
  • blue pins (Blue pin) are places I’m thinking of going eventually,
  • and question mark pins (Question mark pin) are places I’m thinking of going whenever I get the chance.

Drop a few coins in the hat?

You can make a single donation via Venmo, WePay, PayPal or credit card in the amount of your choosing using any of the “One-Time Donation” buttons on my various websites. This donation will not be processed repeatedly:

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If you are having any trouble donating, please let me know by emailing me directly. It’s almost certainly nothing you did wrong; sometimes The Man gets pissy at folks who don’t follow Teh Rulez and likes to fuck with us. Help me fuck back. ;)

Food (and other necessities)

Cash is nice, but what I really need it for is food, drink, and other necessities. As a writer, coffee is particularly useful and, yes, I spend tons of my time in Starbucks. ;)

Ways to keep me fed from the comfort of your home, in your underwear!

Having access to the items below also makes it easy for me to be generous to others; should I encounter a hungry, injured, or dehydrated person, having gift cards to chain stores makes the stores’ supplies available to me to support the other person with.

This list is sorted by usefulness to me; the most immediately useful gifts are at the top.

Other gifts

Thank you so much!