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Transgender Basics

Stolen directly from Miss Avarice where I first saw this: I would like to make special mention of a segment of this video at a time-mark approximately ten minutes and thirty-one seconds from the start: Gender roles do change over time and they change within cultures. In, sort of, Western American culture, the only emotion […]

While fucking, I prefer to get fucked

This began as a comment on Bitchy Jones’s recent and wonderful post (in typical “rock-the-boat” fashion) on how awesome getting fucked is, but it spiraled into a bit of a longer remark. It expresses a sentiment so frustratingly common in me that I’d rather keep it here. You know, for posterity or something. Bitchy’s a […]

What almost everybody else doesn’t get about bisexuality

When I was a child in elementary school, a friend turned to me and said one day, “Hey, what color is that crayon?” “Blue,” I said. “What does it look like to you?” he pressed. “Um. It looks blue,” I said. “What if it looks green to somebody else?” Hmm. Now here was an interesting […]

Quick Thoughts on Blogging, Bisexuality, and Prostate Stimulation (no relation)

Perhaps this should be three separate posts, but whatever. In preparation for Floating World, Jefferson from over on One Life, Take Two has asked for some reader participation. The topics are absolutely fascinating so I couldn’t help but offer my input: 1) Do you blog about sex? Let me know your site, your reasons forblogging, […]

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