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“The kink/BDSM community isn’t trying to end rape culture. They’re trying to eroticize it.”

The kink/BDSM community isn’t trying to end rape culture. They’re trying to eroticize it. We already have a society in which relationship role models are so thoroughly intoxicated with abuser dynamics that most people don’t even know what consenting feels like. By celebrating this state of affairs and attempting to normalize the explicit eroticization of […]

Revisiting why “no moderation” is a feature, not a bug, in Predator Alert Tool

Among the most common criticisms of the Predator Alert Tool project, which is a suite of browser apps and social network add-ins aiming to “build sexual violence prevention mechanisms into every social network on the Internet,” is the claim that, since the tools are unmoderated, they “put you in a worse position” than you were […]

Turning discussions about anti-violence tools into discussions about their toolmaker is harmful. Please stop.

The other day, LifeHacker featured Predator Alert Tool for OkCupid on its homepage. Today, I received an email from the post’s author, stating that “the Predator Alert Tool post [is] doing well, but as you warned, some people have descended on it with comments and accusations about you specifically.” The email then detailed several accusations, […]

The Internet has been doing “report abuse” wrong, because its admins are corrupt.

The most recent report filed in the Predator Alert Tool for FetLife alleges abuse on the part of a FetLife Carebear: It reads, in full: Fetlife caretaker FAIL. This lady could see that I was being harassed and not only failed to help me, but suspended my fetlife account when I screencapped the abusive crap […]

Twist my arm.

In 2011, I gave an impassioned (and vocally angry) speech called “Re-caste-ing Alternative Sexuality: A Class Analysis of Social Status in the BDSM Scene.” As with most of my (somewhat formalized) advocacy presentations, I transcribed my own speech from video record and posted it to my blog. In response to that particular presentation, I got […]

Complicity with Abuse: 101-level Information Social Justice Hobbyists are Dangerously Ignorant Of

Before you claim to be effective in any kind of systemic anti-abuse work, you need to understand the concept of complicity. Thankfully, it’s not a very hard concept to understand. Even better, there’s a very simple test for whether or not you actually understand it as deeply as I think you need to in order to do […]

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