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Kink on Tap 1 and 2: The Big Hard Cock, Kink in Culture

Kink on Tap, a new podcast for the kinkily inclined. :) Episode 1: Episode 2: In this episode, Sara, Emily and I chat over late-night snacks and drinks. There’s a ton of discussion on humilation fetishes such as cuckolding, and a lot of opinions to go along with it. What’s your favorite form of pain […]

Everyone’s a little bit selfish sometimes

I gotta say, I’m glad the world has someone like Bitchy Jones, who in her famous irreverent ranting style has sunk her claws deep into the hypocrisy that is the common (mis)perception about cuckolding, but I really wish all this talk of those truly sad and pathetic conversion project guys (who should totally read Tom’s […]

I get off on unfairness

I get off on things being unfair in a D/s relationship. I get fewer orgasms, I have less money, I have more tasks, and so on. The imbalance is a display of power, the unfairness stimulating as a reminder of my submission. But it’s a tricky thing. It becomes a slippery slope very quickly. The […]

First Weekly Wednesday Wandering

I don’t really think this will happen any time soon, but as is the case with most of my writing, it tends to come out in spurts. (Hmm, freudian spill, there?) ;) Anyway, to help prevent this from dying down, and because it’s just plain fun, I’m instituting a “Wednesday Wanderings” content category for my […]

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