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It’s not changing the world that’s hard

Now you know why I’m angry; here’s why you need to be, too

In my last post, I wrote that I am angry at the pervasive culture of fear, particularly surrounding sexuality. Like any culture, this one is no accident. It began in Victorian social strictures, has been engendered by the public schools, sustained by mass-market media, and is furthered by judgmental people enthralled to their fears. And […]

You know I’m angry; let me tell you why

I am so angry. I am so angry that I wouldn’t even have had those four words, without the help of a friend. I’ve felt like this for a while, but I’m saying it now because I keep finding more examples of misdirection and hypocrisy—increasingly disgusting examples—and wore myself to tears trying to record it […]

The Salvation Army incites personal attacks against me; a blog reply

Update: The attacks against me originated from Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks; the Salvation Army republished and more widely distributed Donna M. Hughes’ and Margaret Brooks’ vicious insinuations. See the bottom of this post for details. Acting on what you believe in is an easy thing to do. At first. But then mean, angry, […]

I, too, kink on BDSM stereotypes

As sometimes happens, the Internet sends me alerts of things I’ve told it I might find interesting. Tonight, Delilah Wood’s post, Questioning Desires: A place for sissies and worms? splashed onto my radar. Reading the post, I found it heartening to find that there are people, like Delilah, who have been reading me and, even […]

I like feeling like a beginner again

Things have been a little bit busy in my life lately, and for once the busyness has not been solely professionally-driven. Though I am working on a number of very exciting things, my days have been excitingly full because after I work hard, I come home to Eileen and we play hard. The play, however, […]

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